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Doctor’s Billing, Inc was formed in 2006 in response to a problem that affected owner Scott McClure’s family.  Scott’s wife, Shelley, is an OB-GYN physician.  She was an employee of the local hospital and the company they hired to bill for her were unable to do so properly.  During her first year of employment, she was more than busy enough to have earned a bonus, but did not due to poor billing practices which resulted in dismal collections. 

Scott approached the hospital about the possibility of him doing the billing for her OB-GYN practice.  At that time, he had no hands-on experience in physician medical billing.  However, he had extensive experience in physician practice management consulting and he had overseen a hospital billing department in his position as the Chief Financial Officer of a hospital in South Carolina.  The hospital was confident in his abilities due to his experience and his education.  He has an undergraduate degree in accounting, a master’s degree in business administration, a Law degree, and he is a certified professional coder.

The following year, once Scott had been doing the billing for a year, the hospital was thrilled to be making money and Shelley easily met her bonus requirements. 

About eight months after Scott started billing for Shelley, a local family practice physician contracted with Scott for his billing services.  This physician’s billing company had poor billing practices and his collections were not nearly what they should have been.  The difference in collections after Scott took over was immediate and impressive. The physician was quite pleased with the difference! 

Doctor’s Billing has continued to expand since that time.  Scott and his staff now bill for a variety of physician clients.  These physicians are of various specialties, including general surgery, family practice, ob-gyn and others


Katy P., CPC
Billing Manager

  Sherry C., CPC
Billing Specialist
Lindsay C., CPC
Billing Specialist
  Shellee L., CPC
Billing Specialist
Lori J.
Billing Specialist

Office Cat, Mascot

Scott McClure, JD, MBA, CPC
  Shelley McClure, MD
Consulting Physician

To contact Doctor's Billing, Inc., please call 620-221-3033, toll-free at 877-225-3033, or e-mail Scott at Scott@DocBills.com