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We specialize in smaller practices, which frequently do not have the local expertise or economies of scale necessary for the optimal functioning of the business office. 

Charge Entry -

We enter charges very quickly, generally within one working day of receiving them. We have multiple staff members dedicated to your account to provide cross coverage in the event information is needed while one of them is unavailable.

We may contact you for clarification if there are ambiguities or if items marked appear to have been done so in error. Through careful evaluation, we prevent the delays associated with many common and uncommon billing errors.

A/R Management -

We are the practice's dedicated business management arm. We focus on the claims, insurance companies, and patients. We don't have the distractions that practices frequently have. We have the ability, time, and resources to dedicate to your accounts receivable.

If an insurance company has not responded correctly within an appropriate amount of time from claim submission, we contact the company and perform dedicated follow up and management. Many places just resubmit the insurance claim. Not here! We shepherd the claim through the process as necessary, using our extensive knowledge of the coding and billing processes.

Once the insurance company has processed correctly, we forward any remaining amounts due to the patient's responsible party, through monthly statements. If they don't make timely payments on their account, we call them to ensure they are aware of their responsibility and attempt to collect right then.

As is sometimes the case, patients cannot or will not pay their outstanding bill. We work with you and your designated collection agency to process those amounts in a timely and accurate fashion.

System Maintenance

We manage the upkeep of the Scheduling and Billing system, which saves you time, money, and frustration. We ensure HIPAA compliance, backups, and redundancies to allow you to focus on the patients.

In everything -

We pride ourselves on attention to detail, persistence, and communication with clients, insurance companies, and patients to optimize reimbursements.

To contact Doctor's Billing, Inc., please call 620-221-3033, toll-free at 877-225-3033, or e-mail Scott at Scott@DocBills.com